The Otherwise Club

The Otherwise Club is a learning centre for children and parents choosing to learn together without school. It provides opportunities to meet regularly, exchange views, offer mutual support, as well as organise activities and trips for families.

A learning centre for family members.


"...a prototype of the kind of school that educationalists predict will educate our children in the future."

Evening Standard, Jan 1996

The roots of the club go back to the 1990s, a vision of providing a centre for home educators. With Britain's families increasingly choosing to educate their children out of school, the number of home educators is rising.

Opportunities and benefits

• Available to families with at least one school-aged child out of school.
* A regular social space.
• Opportunities for families to exchange idea, grow and support each other.
* Workshops and group activities for all to participate.
• Outdoor activities and trips.

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