Otherwise London

Our London development is set to become the first of its kind. As a sensible alternative rental example, it will encourage the best of humanity, our actual needs and use of resources. It will also come to life from the outset, as our long-running preliminary pilot projects migrate over.

A sensible alternative rental example …


Otherwise London is a single development and is planned to have up to 60 rental units. As a small footprint concept, its HomeSpace units are being designed to encourage a legally recognised minimum of approximately 18 sq ft per person. The development (and use of other spaces) will include:

• Accommodation – compact 1 bed / 2 bed / 3 bed spaces
• Leisure space – community activities
• Learning space – alternative schooling for children
• Work space – for a live-work tenancy
• Kitchen space – communal use
• Outdoor space – food growing

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Pilot Projects

Our pilot projects are part of our unique resident community model, SixMix™ and evidence of its multi-faceted benefits. These are being piloted in locations such as the Granville Community Centre, London W9.

• The Otherwise Club (part of Otherwise Learning) – alternative schooling
• Otherwise Food – education, growing, cooking
• Otherwise Wellbeing – a number of activities
• Otherwise Workspace – multi-user rented space

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