Otherwise Living is promoting a unique solution to population expansion in cities, and improving the quality and outcomes of urban living. We believe in social cohesion and a cleaner, greener and safer neighbourhood, and have been developing a solution to achieve this goal.

Great things get done by a team, not individuals.


Director – Leslie Barson

Over 30 years of experience in property management. She is widely published and speaks internationally about education, housing and sustainability. Leslie founded The Otherwise Club in 1993, a community centre in Central London for home educating families, which she continues today.

Treasurer, Trustee – Sian Fletcher

Worked in finance for various organisations, including development finance for a housing association. She is currently working as financial controller for Citizens’ Advice Bureau, one of the UK’s largest. She has been an active member of The Otherwise Club; whilst working part-time, she home educated her daughter.

Trustee – Jane Hickson

A background in office administration. She is is a self-employed massage therapist. This has included training, education and private school tutoring. She also served on the council and as examiner for her professional association. Jane co-organised an annual week-long family festival over 10 years for 1500+ people, coordinating workshops, activities and volunteers.

Trustee – Deirdre Woods

A lobbyist for community-led policy development change. She promotes diversity and inclusion in food at local, national and European level. She is also an urban agriculturalist, cook, community food educator, broadcaster and independent researcher. Dee is committed to using and promoting sustainable agricultural and healthy food practices. She develops projects to address issues around food literacy, access, food justice, sovereignty and resilience.


Membership types

Otherwise London Management

Otherwise London comprises of SixMix and six dedicated Management teams which includes a director and resident member.

Otherwise Food
Otherwise HomeSpace
Otherwise Learning
Otherwise SmallFunds
Otherwise Wellbeing
Otherwise WorkSpace


Otherwise Living

A Community Land Trust.
(Previously known as LCNC: London Community Neighbourhood Cooperative)
Reg. FSA No. 31888R

The Otherwise Club

Part of Otherwise Learning.
A company limited by guarantee.
Reg. England and Wales, Company No. 3379478
Reg. Charity No. 1071831

Registered office

1 Croxley Road, London W9 3HH