A vision that makes sense

Otherwise Living are advocates of a sustainable future and pioneers in residential urban renting. Our small footprint solution provides compact living essentials together with leisure, learning and work spaces. Alongside this, a unique tenant community model promotes integration and enriches lives.

We exist to create new city living options.

Ideas that work

Built up areas can mean premium costs, environmental issues, logistics problems and unhealthy lifestyle patterns. We have thus sought and developed an autonomous resolution that creates community and enriches lives. We cite this as a new benchmark in land use, energy resources and urban lifestyles.

Our small footprint solution

Our solution is a formula of compact spaces and resident community activity to suit all ages. Uniquely, we have created SixMix, a tenant community model that feels more natural and organic. The result is economical use of scarce premium space that can also be a total live-work solution and a more active, rewarding urban life.

Changing urban living choices forever

Our ultimate aim is that these ideas are a replicable blueprint for better urban lifestyles and a sustainable future further afield. We also provide consultancy on how SixMix can be integrated into similarly alternative physical situations and make a difference to living choices.

A face that fits

As a Community Land Trust, our team has been exploring alternative living projects in London for over a decade. A comprehensive range of piloted projects and data also informs the structure and management of our organisation.

Our London rental option

Otherwise London is our plan for a residential community in Central London.

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